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Cheap Gold, Titanium & Stainless Stell Captive Bead Rings

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A Captive Bead Ring (CBR), also known as a Ball Closure Ring (BCR) and a captive ring, is one of the most popular kinds of body jewelry because it can be used in so many ways.

It's not easy to come up with a piercing where captive ring cannot be worn. People buy captive rings (BCR, CBR) as:
- nipple piercing jewelry
- lip piercing jewelry
- eyebrow piercing jewelry
- nose piercing jewelry
and so on, including the private parts piercing, such as clit rings.

We stock large selection of captive bead rings, including 14k gold captive rings, titanium cbr, surgical stainless steel and acrylic captive bead rings. Just remember: we offer FREE shipping for orders over $30!

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Triangle captive bead ring, 16 ga


Die captive bead ring, 12 ga


14K Gold captive bead ring with Round White Akoya Pearls, Grade AA


Captive bead ring with dangling razor blade, 12 ga


16 Gauge Black Coated Straight Barbell with 14 Gauge Jeweled Captive Ring On Chain


Captive bead ring with jeweled star, 14 ga


Black Titanium Anodized Segment Ring, 4 Ga


Captive bead ring with dangling sun, 14 ga


14K Gold captive bead ring with Emerald


Gold Tone Captive Bead Ring, 18 Ga


14G Rose Gold Tone Captive Bead Ring


Captive bead ring with glitter ball, 16 ga


Captive Bead Ring with Amethyst Ball, 16Ga


316L Surgical Steel One Side Fixed Ball Ring, 14ga


316L Surgical Steel Captive with 4mm Round CZ and Gem Paved Flower Dangle


Titanium anodized captive bead ring with 5/16" diameter, 14 ga


Gold Tone captive bead, 8 ga


Gold Tone captive bead ring, 10 ga


Titanium anodized black captive bead ring, 14 ga


Captive bead ring, 18 ga


Spring Wire Captive Ring, 14 Ga


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14