FAQs On The Most Popular Male Genital Piercings


Genital piercings are quite popular to certain groups of people that want to add pleasure to their sex life. Not only are they sexy they can make the sexual experience for both partners richer. If you are looking for something to spike up your sex life then maybe genital piercing is what you should try. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on male genital piercing.

Who Benefits More From The Procedure, Men Or Women?

Truth be told, women will almost always become more stimulated physically than a male partner by both her genital piercings and his. There are female genital piercings that are designed more for aesthetic reasons rather than to stimulate sexually. Those that can make the area more sensitive are clitoral hood piercings and similar ones in the clitoral area while a Christina piercing is more for aesthetic reasons.  Try and add in some friction against the g-spot from a male partner’s reverse Prince Albert or an Apadrayva piercing and the woman can achieve the best sexual stimulation in her life.

Given that, the issue is still up for debate on who benefits more whether it is the man or the woman because there is a strong mental element that also contributes to the arousal and orgasm process. For instance, a man that is instantly turned on by the glimmer of silver between his partner’s thighs or simply the idea of stimulating his partner using his genital piercings may benefit just as much as a woman who is having her g-spot and clitoris stimulated by the piercings of her partner.

What Are The Most Popular Male Genital Piercings And Why Is It So?

The most searched male genital piercing on the Internet is shown below in order of popularity.  Apart from the name of the piercing there is also a short explanation on how and where the piercing is placed.

Prince Albert Piercing – Also known as PA Piercings this most popular of male genital piercings passes through the underside of the head of the penis, into the urethra and then out through the urethral opening. There are some men that prefer Prince Albert Wands, but most do like the captive bead ring, circular barbell and lastly the bent barbell for normal daily activities.

The response of their partner from the piercing can be extreme; some partners either love them or hate them. Prior to getting this particular piercing, consider your preferred sexual positions in order to know whether the traditional PA is best or the revers PA would be considered more pleasurable for your partner.

Frenum Piercings – This type of male genital piercing are side-to-side surface piercings installed along the underside of the penile shaft. They are known as dorsal frenum piercings if they are placed along the top side. This type of piercing can be quite stimulating for the partner during sex.

Straight Barbells – These are considered the most common type of frenum jewelry however, d-rings may also be fun for both you and your partner if you acquire a frenum piercing that is located near the corona of the penis.

Jacob’s Ladder – A column of frenum piercings that line up the penile shaft is called a Jacob’s ladder or frenum ladder. Normally, ladders are done along the top or bottom of the penile shaft. However, some men also line the sides of their penises using straight barbell jewelry.  It might be quite tempting to begin with a ladder knowing you will not have sex for some time. However, this is not advisable if you have not had a frenum piercing before. A ladder may affect your ability to have an orgasm hopefully in a positive light. It is recommended to add frenum piercings over time so you will know if you and your partner can enjoy them as well as determine the best area for the placements.

Apadravya Piercings – This particular male genital piercing passes through the corona or head of the penis from top to bottom. The placement may be stimulating during intercourse with either a man or a woman partner. However, it is most ideal for a female sexual partner during vaginal penetration due to the likelihood that one of the balls will rub her g-spot pleasantly. It is also one of the most painful male genital piercings as it literally goes through the urethra but the pain is only momentary.

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