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Pink Owl Navel Ring With Floral Pattern,14 Ga


14K Gold Straight Barbell, 12 Ga


316L Stainless Steel Zodiac Pendant. "Aquarius"


Mspiercing Sterling Silver Earrings With Official Licensed Pewter NCAA Charm, University Of Texas Longhorns


Pair Of Nipple Bars With Wings, 14 Ga


Pink/Green Owl Navel Ring, 14 Ga


Captive Bead Ring With Dangling Jeweled Heart, 14 Ga


316L Stainless Steel Zodiac Pendant. "Capricorn"


14K Gold Peacock Pendant


Steel straight barbell with knuckles top and screw on back, 16 ga


Teal Owl Navel Ring With Pink Accent, 14 Ga


Gold Tone Twister Barbell With Jeweled Balls, 14 Ga


316L Stainless Steel Zodiac Pendant. "Gemini"


14K Yellow Gold Yellow Enameled Fish Pendant


Straight Barbell With Epoxy Colored Flower Top, 14Ga


Purple Owl Navel Ring, 14Ga


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