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Eyebrow piercing retainer, 16 ga


Gold Tone CBR / clit ring, 16 ga


Titanium anodized captive bead ring, 16 ga


Gold Tone eyebrow ring with balls, 16 ga


Fancy Nipple Ring, 14 Gauge


Belly ring with dangling aqua glitter dolphin


Belly ring with dangling aqua glitter turtle


Jeweled Navel Ring With Dangling Chain Chandelier


Belly ring with dangling pink drink


Twister barbell with AB colored flower


Navel ring with dangling dolphin tail


Pink Jeweled Belly Ring with Dangling Girly Skull And Crossbones


14K Gold Jeweled Toe Ring With Round CZ


Piercing Sterile Needle


5 Piercing Sterile Needles


Captive bead ring, 14 ga


Steel Ball Straight Barbell, 14 Ga


Steel Ball Curved Barbell, 14 Ga


Captive Bead Ring, 16 Ga


Steel ball labret, 16 ga


12 ga straight barbell with balls


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